Indiana University at Bloomington (Fall 2017-Spring 2018)

Introduction to Latino Studies

Latino History

American Borderlands


Student Testimonials- Introduction to Latino Studies

Student Testimonials:

“To be educated is to be an advocate for many of the issues Latino/as face in this country, and around the world. I believe we can translate much of what we have learned in this class in our daily life simply by being more aware, more educated and thoughtful consumers of news and media, and to help shape the ideas and thoughts of those around us.”

-Joshua Noll (Spring 2018)

“Latina/o Studies matters today because Latina/os and immigrants from Latin American countries make up the majority of immigrant populations. The Latina/o tradition is important to study because, as Vicki Ruiz claims, Latino/a history is American history.”

–Kathryn Petersen (Spring 2018)

“Latino Studies, and all other disciplines that analyze and celebrate minority experiences, are critical to our curriculum; otherwise, more privileged populations will continue to completely miss systemic oppression that occurs.”

– Maria Bluck (Spring 2018)