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Latin American and the Anthropology of Dissent by Dr. Chavez (Notre Dame U)

Something we scholars of color have been doing all along:

Latin American and the Anthropology of Dissent

Diversity and Inclusion and the Rise of the Alt-Right

Diversity and Inclusion and the Rise of the Alt-Right


Diversity refers to the variety of similarities and differences among people.

Inclusion is a dynamic state of operating in which diversity is leveraged to create a fair, healthy, and high-performing organization or community.

The above definitions were taken from the Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarks: Standards for Organizations Around the World, an 80-page tool created with the insight of 95 experts, largely consultants and organizational development professionals. Today, diversity and inclusion rhetoric and practices permeate corporations, academic institutions, city governments, and non-profits. For many, this meant a process of organizational restructuring to create Diversity and Inclusion departments and Chief Diversity Officer positions. Yet, in an era where diversity is gaining global legitimacy, we are also witnessing the rise of the Alt-Right and a Trump Presidency fueled by white ethno-nationalist sentiment. It is this historical moment that calls upon us as scholars, educators, and diversity practitioners to reframe the discourse around inclusion as one that rejects whiteness and aligns with the most marginalized and historically oppressed communities in the United States.

Link to article: http://www.anthropology-news.org/index.php/2017/02/01/diversity-and-inclusion-and-the-rise-of-the-alt-right/


Anthropologists weight in on Unusual Politics as Usual

What Trump’s smash-it-all message tells us about presidential campaigns.

Before we join the refrain that the candidacy of Donald J. Trump in this presidential election is unprecedented, we should pause and remember that what we call the political order of “message” has been in the “anti-” mode for some time. Significant swatches of the American electorate seek a candidate without a “message”—that is, in our view, one with an “anti-message” message that in the public’s receptive imaginary figuratively places a candidate outside politics-as-usual. Secretary Clinton has positioned herself just within the orbit of politics, running as would a successful first-term incumbent, though far from the proverbial Garden of Roses. Mr. Trump, by contrast, comes to us from the pages of the Forbes richest list as the unlikely but determined smash-it-all populist of disgruntlement.

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