In Fall 2019, Lemus became part of the inaugural ACES Diversity Fellows cohort at Texas A&M University. He will formally take on the title of Assistant Professor starting in Fall 2021 in the Department of Anthropology. Lemus graduated with a Ph.D. in Sociocultural Anthropology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2015. For his dissertation, Lemus documented labor processes’ centrality in driving cultural transformations among Mexican migrants in Chicago and the politico-historical shifts that gave rise to a Mexican working-class formation—los yarderos. This research is under contract with the University of Illinois Press in a book titled “Los Yarderos: Mexican Yard Workers in Chicago.”  Lemus is working on a second independent research project on Latino/a cancer patients. His thesis is simple yet profound – he suggests that undocumented Latino/a migrants to the U.S. develop cancer at higher rates, are likely to experience premature death earlier than other groups, and culture plays a crucial role in coping with the disease. Mobilizing the Latino Hybrid Collectif concept to capture this experience’s messiness, he plans to carry out ethnographic research in Brazos County in Central Texas. This project’s interviews had to be delayed due to COVID-19, but are likely to start by 2022. To this end, Lemus recently launched the Transborder Migration and Critical Ethnography Lab (TMCE Lab) at Texas A&M to house his research projects, promote undergraduate and graduate research through collaborative, team-based approaches to studying borders, migration, health, and culture.